Wednesday, 9 December 2015


The GBP/USD pair which was initially falling on Tuesday found enough support at 1.50 level to turn the things around and formed a rather positive hammer in the end. What remains to be seen is the direction it takes from here. We are currently holding no hopes of spikes rather are focusing our time on identifying selling opportunities. In our opinion, a breakdown below Tuesdays candle can also be a selling opportunity.
The EUR/USD pair went a notch higher on Tuesday, shooting through the hammer candle formed on the previous day. Although the sky seems to be clear but we do see a storm coming. In other words, we are going to sit this one out. 1.10 level above is going to be our flag off level. On the flip side, if we break the bottom of the hammer on Monday, we might think about entering a short position. After 1.10 level, we might set our eyes on 1.14 level, but that depends on crossing the 1.10 level first.
The AUD/USD pair formed a candle possessing hammer like characteristics following an encounter with a support level that allowed it to take a U-turn. Any break above the hammer is a bullish signal and indicates an upward momentum. However, in the opposite direction it might move to 0.71 level. Australian Unemployment data would be among the figures released that would be having an impact on this pair.
The USD/JPY pair took a bounce on Tuesday. However, we still haven't escaped the previous consolidation area; hence we are not sure how long this bounce will go in upward direction. The markets as always are in full oscillations, hence we are looking for some decent pull back that might give a significant profit. Apart from this, there is resistance zone extending from 124 level to 125 level.


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